Saturday, August 21, 2010

Channeling Dr. Jones for a minute...

There's much that could be said about the Prop 8 controversy in California. This article helpfully lays out some of the potential issues for Christians. These potential issues are not expressions of "the sky is falling". All one needs to do is to look to Canada and some of the European countries to see that calling homosexuality immoral is now considered hate speech.

So where does Dr. Jones fit into this? For those who don't know Dr. Peter Jones you can read about him at (Fair disclosure: I serve as the Chairman of the Board for truthXchange.) One of the Dr. Jones' main points about homosexuality is that it is the outgrowth of a religious worldview.

The reader unacquainted with Dr. Jones' work might be saying "huh?". I thought it was objection to homosexuality that flows from a religious worldview. Indeed it does. But support for homosexuality (and thus gay marriage and a host of other forms of alternate sexuality) also flows from a religious viewpoint, that of oneism. See this blog post by Dr. Jones for assistance in understanding how oneism inexorably leads one to an embrace of all forms of sexuality.

So where does this leave us ... it leaves us in the unenviable position of attempting to explain to those who would push for gay marriage that they are also working from a comprehensive religious worldview. Moreover, we must patiently explain that they are being just as bigoted and exclusive in their claims as they say we are. it's not that some of us are religious, all of us must be. But which of the two competing worldviews (oneism or twoism) can explain our "need" to be religious?