Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost Serendipity

I keep telling myself I'm not a Luddite and then I read something else that makes me wonder if I am.

Al Mohler's Daily Link List (a VERY helpful sampling of news articles related to cultural issues delivered to your email box) for today pointed me to this article about a Massachusetts prep school eschewing physical books.

That brought back to mind these reflections from Ken Myers referencing this VERY helpful article by Alan Jacobs. As one who has been dubbed an "ever curious child" by my colleague in ministry, serendipity is more of a lifestyle for me than it is anything else. Just walking in his office a few minutes ago and looking at his bookshelves revealed for the nth time that he owns a book I've known about and wanted to read for some years. These kids in Massachusetts won't have that experience, ever. Kind of sad.