Thursday, December 18, 2008

Syncretism As the Solution?

This article from the Boston Globe contains an interesting take on how religions should consider each other. This article pleads for more than a peaceful coexistence. Instead it ponders a world where 9/11 and Mumbai would be impossible because the great faiths would get along and see that they only have a piece of the great spiritual pie to themselves. Many religions will be willing to join this kind of effort as they are linked by a spiritual core of explaining the world by the world. Despite the wishes of Jenkins (the author of the Boston Globe article) bemoaning an age past of syncretism, Christianity cannot be syncretistic in its outlook. We proclaim a faith of a Creator who is distinct from all and created all. Worship not directed to the Creator (Yahweh) is idolatry and finally can't satisfy the longings of the human heart. It is for this reason that syncretism is profoundly unloving and unsatisfactory. Only if we hate people should we go this route of syncretism between the religions.